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Wellness Promotion

There may come a time in your pets life where the veterinarian recommends a wellness exam.
Early detection of disease allows for more effective treatment/lifestyle changes and can help prolong life expectancy.

Testing also establishes normal baseline values for your pet creating a point of reference we can compare to as the dog or cat ages.

At VetCare these screening tests have been instrumental in improving a disease prognosis and saving lives. We arefortunate to have inhouse blood and X rays machines at both clinics allowing for the rapid turnaround of test results, in most cases a diagnosis can be made and treatment initiated on the same day the pet comes in for testing.

A VetCare Wellness assessment includes:

  • Consultation with a vet-this is generally when clinical signs of sickness are discovered or something the owner mentions regarding the pets lifestyle prompts the vet to recommend a complete senior wellness work up.
  • Blood chemistry tests-these measure levels of various substances in the blood and can help diagnose diseases such as diabetes, liver and kidney dysfunction.
  • A Complete Blood Count-this blood test gives an indication of anaemia or infection.
  • Thyroid screen-Disorders or the thyroid are common geriatric concerns in both dogs and cats
  • Urine Analysis-Urine is collected and assessed for disorders of the kidneys and urinary system. This test is also useful to rule in other diseases such as Diabetes and disorders of the biliary system.
  • Retinal examination-A close up inspection to assess the health of your pets eyes
  • Blood pressure check-Checks for high blood pressure-a common clinical sign associated with a large number of geriatric diseases.
  • FIV/FeLV screening in cats.

Want Xray's?
Our clinic also offers a Wellness assessment that includes sedation of the pet and X-rays of a particular area of the body. Our team is trained to take and read X rays, however as we promote the highest standard of patient care the X-ray machine at our VetCare Grey Lynn clinic sends all X-rays to be interpreted by certified Radiologists in America. This service is included in the price of all of our VetCare Grey Lynn X-rays-including those performed as part of a Wellness assessment. Give us a call for the wellness package with sedation and xrays. 

At the end of the day your pet will be discharged by the veterinarian managing the case, she/he will go through all the important results of the Wellness testing and make recommendations for an appropriate management/treatment plan. We also provide all of our senior wellness patients a goodie bag to go home with-this includes:

  • Blood and urine results
  • Information sheets if any diseases were diagnosed
  • A cute new toy

Being strong promoters of preventative medicine both VetCare clinics are running a promotion campaign until end of June 2018, offering additions to the package with no extra charge!

Feline Wellness Promotion includes:
Valued at $630!!! 

- Wellness package stated above
- Diet recommendation customized to your pets results
- 2x FREE Revisit's with the vet
- 2x FREE Nail trims
- Weekend stay in the Cat Hotel at VetCare Grey Lynn or Unitec clinic. 

Canine Wellness Promotion includes:
Valued at $750!!!

- Wellness package stated above
-Diet recommendation customized to your pets results
- 2x FREE Revisit's with the vet
- 25% OFF 3 sessions with Auckland Canine Massage! Learn more about Auckland Canine Massage.
- 2x FREE Nail trims
- FREE Dental Treats

So if you’ve been thinking:
“My Fluffy has been vomiting. Every day. For 3 months now. Worming didn’t seem to help”
“Fluffy is constipated”
“Fluffy is drinking a lot. It is like an unquenchable thirst!”
“Fluffy is eating everything but is still skinny”
“I am hearing the occasional cough from Fluffy and he is definitely panting more on his walks.”
“I am soo sick of Fluffy peeing inside all the time! And now it smells particularly potent.”
“Fluffy hasn’t been eating/drinking/peeing/pooping/moving around very much”

There may be more than meets the eye and it could be time to bring Fluffy to the Vets ;)

Limited Special Offer - Ends 31/06/18

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