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  • Star Patient - Buddy (abdominal bleeding)
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Star Patient - Buddy (abdominal bleeding)

Buddy was transferred from the emergency clinic where he had been treated over the weekend for bleeding into his abdomen. He was very lethargic and a bit weak from his blood loss. His dad wasvery worried as Buddy had been his best mate for 9 years.

An ultrasound scan revealed that he had a large lump in his spleen that was at risk of bleeding again.

As this is a life-threatening condition, Buddy had to have surgery.

We were concerned that he had lost a lot of blood and as a result, the surgery would be riskier. For Buddy’s safety, we arranged for a blood transfusion. Kelly, a 5-year- old Dogue de Bordeaux Cross belonging to vet Jody was the perfect donor. She weighs 25 kilos, is super calm and gentle, and sat still the entire time that her blood was collected. Taking blood from dogs is done in a similar way to humans, except we use the jugular vein as it is bigger. Kelly was happy to help another dog,
especially one as sweet as Buddy!

Buddy’s surgery went well, and his spleen was removed completely. Lots of care from his nurse Marie meant there were no complications and he had a great recovery. He went to spend another night at the emergency clinic, and was looking so bright and happy the next day (thanks to his new blood from Kelly) that he went home.

His dad was super relieved and happy to have his Buddy at home again.

See more photos here!

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