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  • Our Feathered Friends - A pigeons tale
    We are all creatures of habit; routinely going about our days as we always have without realising sometimes, those habits could be resulting in some serious harm somehow. We all Read more
  • A tale of a poisoned cat (with a happy ending)
    A 1 year old female tortishell cat, was brought into VetCare on Friday the 6 th of January. She had been vomiting all night, and in the morning, she collapsed. Read more
  • Lights, Camera, Action! The making of Days of Our Nine Lives
    As we all know cats rule the internet and no self respecting puddy-cat could possibly go more than a week without posting on social media.Thank goodness then, when they stay Read more
  • Why Is My Pet So Itchy?
    Skin allergies is one of the most common consult we have these days! Skin conditions are the most obvious signs of discomfort in our furry friends so solving the issue Read more
  • Aucklands Dog-Friendly Parks
    Daylight savings has arrived much to our dog owners relief. Dogs will be able to enjoy some extra hours per day on the beautiful beaches and parks Auckland has to Read more
  • Be Flea Free
    With Summer Brings Fleas Although flea's are an all year round issue, summer is right round the corner (we hope) and with summer, comes fleas. Instead of waiting until your pet has Read more
  • Adopt Coco
    Coco needs to be adoptedAge: 1 year oldDOB: April 2015Sex: FemaleBreed: LabradorColour: BlackFirst year of vaccinations completed, she is due for her next lot. Not desexed.Breeder not certified, current owner's Read more
  • Farewell Vegas
    VegasFor those of you who have visited recently, you have probably noticed that our fur baby Vegas hasn’t been lounging on the fish tank. We are happy to announce that Read more
  • Lets clear the air about vaccinations!
    There is a constant confusion about vaccinations so we decided to clear the air to help your fur babies venture safely out to the big bad world. A lot of people Read more
  • Simple Puppy & Dog Toilet Training
    How to stop your puppy (or dog) toileting insideThis article is aimed at puppies but please remember that this advice also works for adult dogs that may have some toileting problems!The Read more

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