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  • Summertime
    It sure is hot this summer!! Do you find yourself getting burnt? Overheating? Can't walk on the ground without jandals? So do your pets! There are a number of things Read more
  • Gregor the new vet
    Hi, Im Gregor Shubel – the most recent addition to the VetCare team. I grew up in West Auckland and spent most of my summers working on farms in Tauranga and Read more
  • Food for Thought
    We are what we eat. This is exactly the same for our furry friends. Animals have different nutritional requirements then us. For example, felines are obligate carnivores; which means they Read more
  • Poppy
    Poppy is a 4 year old domestic short hair  who loves to go for a wonder and loose herself. One day, Poppy came home after two weeks of being missing, for her poor mum Read more
  • Dogs and the danger of grass seeds.
    Author: Katie JonesWho would have thought that something as seemingly harmless as a grass seed could cause so much trouble!Shaped like a spear, with one way barbs, they can work their Read more
  • We love Pedicures!
    Author: Kirstie Jago Vet nurseFor a number of reasons, a nail can become ingrown. It can happen to both dogs and cats. An ingrown nail is when the nail grows Read more
  • Raul and Claudia - Petsitters
    Are you worried about going on holiday and leaving your precious pets? Is it impossible to go on holiday as your pets need complicated medical treatment or care?We may have a Read more
  • Spring time- Party for fleas and worms
    Author: Kirstie Jago Vet nurseHave you been saying "hey, I haven't seen any fleas around lately"? Well don't speak too soon! As the weather warms up, we see a massive Read more
  • Introducing Dr Kym Shrimpton
    At Vet Care we recognise holistic, or “whole body” health care is best for your pet so we are pleased to welcome Dr Kym Shrimpton, who will be working out of Read more
  • Case Study: Meatball - Laser Therapy
    Author: Kirstie Jago - Vet NurseThe term LASER is an acronym for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Presently, laser therapy is being used worldwide. Laser treatment has many advantages Read more

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