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    It has become very popular in the last few years for people to keep a few chickens in their backyards.We see quite a few of these friendly chooks in the Read more
  • Sustainable Excellence in Pet Health Care
    I’ve been feeling philosophical lately, and doing a fair bit of introspection. I’m going to put this down to a mixture of spending lots of time with my son Darius, Read more
  • Feeding alternative diets can harm your pets health
    We had a very sad case that came into VetCare last week of an older dog that had been fed a homemade Vegetarian diet for 5 years. The dog was Read more
  • Royal Canin Visit
    Well this is the bit where I annoy all of you guys and discuss my recent veterinary trip to Europe. I know, I know, but honestly it was a work Read more
  • Canine Reverse Sneezing
    Reverse sneezing is often mistaken by owners who think their dog is choking or having an asthma attack. The dogs make a very loud  snorting noise and there is an Read more
  • Does your cats nose get sore every summer?
    We have a lot of cats coming in lately with lesions like this on their nose.  This is Cookie who turned up last week with nasty open wound under his Read more
  • Jamie - The severely anemic cat
    Jaime the cat needed to have a blood transfusion this month.  Jaime is only 2 years old and her owner had noticed over the weekend that she was very quiet Read more
  • Dog Collapses in the Park
    One Saturday we had an owner rush his 3 year old female speyed border collie cross dog Hunta into our clinic as she had just collapsed in the park during Read more
  • Ban private use of fireworks petition
    Alex has been in the news this week supporting the ban on fireworks sold to the public, we see a lot of very distressed animals around this time of year Read more
  • The Miracle of Doogle
    My name is Doogle. Last year I was adopted by Henna, one of the nurses who work here at Vet Care Grey Lynn. I had been dropped off as a Read more

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