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  • Canine Reverse Sneezing
    Reverse sneezing is often mistaken by owners who think their dog is choking or having an asthma attack. The dogs make a very loud  snorting noise and there is an Read more
  • Does your cats nose get sore every summer?
    We have a lot of cats coming in lately with lesions like this on their nose.  This is Cookie who turned up last week with nasty open wound under his Read more
  • Jamie - The severely anemic cat
    Jaime the cat needed to have a blood transfusion this month.  Jaime is only 2 years old and her owner had noticed over the weekend that she was very quiet Read more
  • Dog Collapses in the Park
    One Saturday we had an owner rush his 3 year old female speyed border collie cross dog Hunta into our clinic as she had just collapsed in the park during Read more
  • Ban private use of fireworks petition
    Alex has been in the news this week supporting the ban on fireworks sold to the public, we see a lot of very distressed animals around this time of year Read more
  • The Miracle of Doogle
    My name is Doogle. Last year I was adopted by Henna, one of the nurses who work here at Vet Care Grey Lynn. I had been dropped off as a Read more
  • Prince Gets His Pearly Whites Back
    Alex brought his dog Prince into the clinic as he had noticed his breath wasn't the nicest, when we opened his mouth we could see why, he had a lot Read more
  • Study confirms dogs' effectiveness in alerting diabetic owners about hypoglycemia
    Study confirms dogs' effectiveness in alerting diabetic owners about hypoglycemiaBy NEWStatKnowledge of dogs' prowess at helping diabetic owners manage their blood sugar levels has so far been based mainly on Read more
  • Drop Jaw Syndrome
    By: Dr Jody BurchallThis is a rare conditon that we see occasionally, the dogs present with a dropped jaw as they are unable to close their mouth, they salivate and drool Read more
  • Feline Rectal Prolapse
    By: Dr Jody BurchallRecently we were presented with a very unusual case of a cat that had strained to have a bowel movement so hard that it had pushed its Read more

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