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Boots first came to the clinic in 2010 for a vaccination. He was a big boy weighing around 6kg! He had a beautiful grey coat similar to a fluffy snow tiger with huge yellow eyes. Boots had a meow you could recognise a mile away! 

As the years went on, he very often stayed in the cattery with his sister Portia. They had a love hate relationship like most siblings do. They both have become celebrities through the cattery videos and people would recognise him each week. Boots was always boisterous and he liked to let us know that he was in charge. He also loved his food and looked forward to dinner time the most.

Boots had had a heart murmur since he was born. A heart murmur is caused by turbulent blood flow within the heart or the large vessels exiting from the heart. This results in an abnormal noise which can be heard by your vet when listening with a stethoscope.

Sadly, Boots’ heart gave out last week and it was best for him to be euthanised. Boots passed away at the age of roughly sixteen years. He leaves his sister Portia, his mum Susan, his dad Trevor, and all of us at Vetcare Grey Lynn.

Goodbye Boots, you will be sorely missed.


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