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We have created this memorial to remember clinic pet Rommel who sadly passed last year. The information below is taken from Rommel's on our previous website.

Nicknames: Romski, Lelu, Romsical

Age: 10 years young

Breed: Rottweiler

What brings you to Vetcare?

My mother Vanessa works there and drags me in every day - sometimes her and the other nurses get an uncontrollable christmas urge!

What is your main role in the household/business?

Waste disposal, taking up as much space as I can, sleeping in the most inappropriate of places to make sure I am always in the way

What is your favourite toy?

Tennis ball

Who is your best friend?

Myself and my mum is special too!

What is the coolest thing that ever happened to you?

I turned white from black and I pushed against social boundaries.  This is me in my young "black" days!

What don't you like?

Bruiser - small furry annoying adopted brother, courier drivers, people staring at me in a weird way because of my unique handsomeness!  Here I am trying to pin him down so he will stop bothering me!

Which food will you do tricks for, what are the tricks?

Any food, not fussy, more the merrier, pigs ears are quite nice.  I do river dance, humpy time (a crowd favourite!) and hide and seek

Do you have any weird medical problems?

Actually I think I almost have the world record for the number of weird medical problems!  The Vitiligo as previously mentioned, here in this photo it had just started.

I also had my left adrenal gland removed due to a rare tumour called Pheochromocytoma.

I got hit by a car and came back from the brink of death twice to have a titanium plate with 14 pins in my front leg. Then unfortunately it turned out I was one of the 0.02% of dogs who are allergic to titanium and within 2 weeks I had a bad reaction and had to have the plate removed and the leg reconstructed.  After 4 operations, a year of physio, chiropracters, accupunture and several stays in a hyperbaric chamber (the ones they use for divers with the bends) it finally healed and I could use my leg again no problem.

PawPack Rewards

Join our PawPack loyalty programme and be rewarded! If you have not taken advantage of this great system and visit VetCare regularly for food, flea products or treatment for your pet then just text the word "vet" to 4664 and you will be given prompts about how to join and a free gift to thank you for joining.  For every $300 you spend at VetCare you will be emailed a $15 voucher.

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