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09 361-3500

Vanessa Townsend-Paley

Vanessa Townsend-Paley

Practice Manager 

_MG_0629_sm.jpgI've been a vet nurse and working in the animal industry with small animals & large exotics for 15+ years, and have survived working with Alex for majority of those... holy cow!

This photo really shows off Rommel, my 10 year old Rottie's, colour mutation. He has Vitiligo, which is a very very rare auto immune condition where his body attacks his dark pigment cells, turning him gradually white.

This condition (along with his handsome looks and sharp wits) has lead to international fame and deservedly for such a star, he has his own furniture at home (spoiled).

He reluctantly shares home with my two cats, Klaus -Mandalay and Calvin - Burmese (the bosses) and a multitude of tropical fish. A recent addition to the family is Bruiser - a Pekinese cross Shih Tzu who loves Rommel to bits but he doesn't feel quite the same way!


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