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Jody's Pets



What brings you to Vetcare?
i was brought in by a concerned member of the public as I had been very sick with diarrhoea, had lost loads of weight and I had almost no fur on my back end. They had seen me hanging around for a few weeks and didn't know who I belonged to. Luckily Vetcare took me in and after 3 months of trying to fix me I got to go home with one of the Vets Jody who was very understanding about my diarrhoea episodes!


What is your main role in the household?
Cheif greeter of people, making sure all the tradespeople are doing a good joby by helping them out and getting underfoot and tripping up mum and dad.

What is your favourite toy?
The laudry powder box, I like ripping it up and leaving a big mess for mum and dad to clean up in the morning

Who is your best friend?
Dave my dad who is always so pleased to see me and lets me lounge with him on the bean bag. He calls me pusscaticus colossally fat i cus but I'm not really fat, just big boned!


What is the coolest thing that ever happened to you?
Mum discovering that the best thing to feed me is rabbit, now I get to chow down on as much fresh rabbit as I can eat and don't feel sick all the time!

What don't you like?
When my mum and dad go to work during the week and leave me at home by myself, I have tried telling them every night when they come home but they haven't cottoned on to the fact I need pampering every day not just the weekends!

What food will you do tricks for?
I love the BIG uns, or any cheesy snacks, unfortunately I'm not allowed them very often as I get a squishy tummy.


Do you have any weird medical problems?
I have inflammatory bowel disease which means I have to have a corticosteroid pill every day and get to eat specail food like rabbit or hare. I still feel sick every now and again, but generally have a much happier life than when I was a stray.


Blue 14/4/2003 - 15/3/2016

This is Blue a male Italian Greyhound

Blue unfortunately was put to sleep earlier in 2016 from complications after his spinal surgery in his neck. He is sadly missed at VetCare and the Burchall household.


blue_and_soloman2_sm.jpgNicknames:Blues clues, rat boy, the spanish whippet, Mr Burns

What brings you to Vetcare?
My mum drags me in every day with her as I can't be trusted in the house alone all day. Sometimes I get to go to Barkley Manor as well!

What is your main role in the household/clinic?
Keeping the bed warm, producing all manor of fruitful flabby woof woofs (farts!)

blue1_New_sm.jpgWhat is your favourite toy?
I don't really play with toys like normal dogs. I do like humping other dogs though, does that count!

Who is your best friend?
Tristan, I go for walks with him nearly every day and he is my best humping buddy. I am very fond of going to Robyn's on Tues and playing with my dog friends Mya, Toya, Ollie and Evie.

What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?
Once I was running along the beach and saw some nice shiny sand and when I tried to run on it I went under and came up very wet and cold. Mum and dad had no sympathy and just laughed at me.

What don't you like?
jodys_phone_025_New.jpgI don't really like being chased by big dogs in the park, I can usually out run them but get very scared and panicked. Mum and dad brought home a chocolate burmese callled Soloman who sometimes beats me up. I am pretty scared of most things actually!

Which food will you do tricks for - what are the tricks?
My only trick is high 5, I will do this for virtually any food you want to give me, I did learn some agility when I was young but kept running away to get treats from people.

Do you have any weird medical problems?
Because I'm a Italian greyhound I have very thin fragile legs and skin and graze very easily, I get upset tummies sometimes and you can hear the gurgly noises from the other side of the lounge.



Nickname: Kelly Belly


Found sitting on someone’s door step very skinny and had bad skin, was nursed back to health by caring clients and then rehomed with Jody and Dave in November 2102.

Enjoys life in the Burchall household with Blue and the 3 cats. kelly_on_drive.jpgShe had a litter of puppies before the nice people found her but I don’t know what happened to them.

She has now been speyed. We think around 1 -2 years of age and a big mix of dogs but definitely some Dogue de Bordeaux, staffy and possibly bull dog and probably pitbull as well. She is super sweet natured and gets on with big and small dogs and loves people.

What brings you to Vetcare?
My mum works there, I get to hang out under her desk all day with Blue

What is your main role in the household/clinic?
Welcoming people with a wag and a lick. Following dad around to make sure he is ok

What is your favourite toy?
Squeaky ball, but the squeaks don’t seem to last for long. I also love fetching sticks from the water.

I used to be scared of the water but after such a nice summer have got my confidence and swim out to get toys. Sometimes I pretend I am scared again to make dad go in the water and get it for me!


Here is a video of me having fun with my friends in the water.

Who is your best friend?
Tia the chocolate lab, Soloman the cat and my dad


What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?
Some nasty person abandoned me in Westmere and I was starving and had itchy sore skin.

What don't you like?
Rain on the tin roof, Dad going to work, Soloman trying to steal my new bed

Which food will you do tricks for - what are the tricks?
Pretty much any treats are good, I will do lots of tricks; roll over, touch, paw, crawl and I am learning more all the time

Do you have any weird medical problems?
I used to have a weird regurgitating problem and one day some gunge went into my lungs and I was really sick and had to go to the specialist to have all sorts of tests. Luckily it seems to have stopped happening now which as good as mum was getting sick of cleaning up after me.


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