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09 361-3500

Sarah's pets



Vital statistics: 5 years old, white Maltese Chihuahua x


What brings you to Vetcare?
I still live in Whangarei heads on my grandparents farm. I would love to come and visit one day though! 


What is your main role in the household?
I’m in charge of the other cats at my house, I play peace keeper if they have a disagreement(don’t tell them or Sarah this but, i also steel their food sometimes) . I’m also in charge of greeting people when they come over , and sometimes if i’m feeling rebelious I chase grandad out the gate when he's in the tractor. I like to think i’m a farm dog. 


What is your favourite toy?
I like steeling peoples socks


 Who is your best friend?
 Skippy the cat, i like licking his face (even if he doesn’t)


 What is the coolest thing that ever happened to you? 
 Everytime I get to taken to horse events in the horse truck is pretty  cool! 


 What don’t you like? 
 When I get left at home and don’t get to go to horse events in the    horse truck


 What food will you do tricks for and what tricks can you do?
 I’ll give high-5’s for any food!


 Do you have any medical conditions?
 Nope i’m fit as! everyone mistakes me for a puppy



Dante & JT    


vital statistics: JT - 21 years old, chestnut thoroughbred. Dante: 9 year old, Andalusian x


What brings you to Vetcare?
Dante - I live in Whangarei Heads 
JT - me too. 


What is your main role in the household?
Dante - I am the cheeky one but because I’m cute i get away with lots. Sarah got me when I was 4 years old and used to compete me in eventing. Now my auntie, Anna rides me (because Sarah ditched me for Auckland). I travel around the North Island lots for competitiohttps://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/4818_103169477020_7856331_n.jpg?oh=49775d9410f7173e27fb2695e6b2f32d&oe=55BCC2B3&__gda__=1437682427_2b51d16953dd66af32babd9ca129370dns. 
JT: Sarah used to compete me in dressage. Now i’m retired coz i’m old. I am also responsible for teaching Dante all his cheeky tricks. 


What is your favourite toy?
Dante: JT’s cover, i like to rip it for fun.
JT: the end of my rope when i’m tied up. i’m real good at undoing it and getting away.


Who is your best friend?
Dante: JT
JT: Dante


What is the coolest thing that ever happened to you?
Dante: Everytime I compete at a national level competition is pretty cool! 
JT: In my heyday i used to love doing dressage! 


What don’t you like?
Dante: getting my face washed
JT: getting my cover pulled forward


What food will you do tricks for?
Dante: Odd fellow peppermints - ill pull things out the horse truck to find them.
JT: Odd fellow peppermints


Do you have any medical conditions?
Dante: nope I’m fit as!
JT: Nope, except i can’t hear very well because I’m getting old - but thats mostly just selective hearing.

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