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Vanessa's Pets


This is Klaus

Klaus7_New.jpg Nicknames: Old man river, Mr Needs, Klausicles Mousicles, Kllllaaauuusss (this is when he is talking to you and he answers back in a smokey rough voice.

Particulars: Mandalay, chocolate tick tabby, Libra... People may say I look grumpy or wasted but I'm just a really relaxed kinda cat... "I'M A LOVER - NOT A FIGHTER"

What brings you to VetCare?

My mum Vanessa works there and abandons me when she thinks she needs a break... I blame my new younger brother for this. He's very naughty. Cos i'm old, mum gets very worried and gets my bloods done regulary to check my health.


What is your main role in the household?

My role is Noise Control so if it aint coming from me.... we have a situation!

What is your favourite toy?

My favourite toy is to borrow my mums hair ties. I love playing fetch with them and go up & down the hallway, up & down , up & down, up & down....

Who is your best friend?

My 3 bestest friends in the whole wide world is my mum and then my woof brother Rommel and Mr grey who are now in heaven. I miss them so much. I have a new dad which lets me get away with everything and prepares my cushion & fire in the lounge so we can watch tv together or just hangout. What is the coolest thing that ever happened to you? Having the bestest life ever, getting spoilt with treats and lots of cuddles and sleeping in my mums bed.


What don't you like?

My new brothers... they smell funny. Being kicked out of bed when I lick myself to keep me bum clean...

Which food will you do tricks for, what are the tricks?

I don't need to do a trick to get treats....I'm spoilt! But I can do fetch for hours. Firstly, i borrow my mums hair tie and drop it in front of her to encourage her to throw it for me then i fetch it again and again and again and again... i love this game

Do you have any weird medical problems or habits?

It's not a bad habit to sit very very close to my mum & dad and sleep on my mums face & head in bed... as I said.. "I'm a lover - not a fighter" I may have a few medical issues... but I'm 18... so what do you expect. I get regular bloods done so mum can keep an eye on my Kidney levels and I have to eat special food now but get the occasssional naughty food. I had to visit the eye specialist because i had a very sore ulcerated eye due to war wounds... like a branch or something reached out and poked me in the eye. It was very sore but now it's all good.





Woozer, Ewok, little shi*, Mr B

Shih tzu x pekingese, sable, male neutered, 1 year old Aries - adventurous, active and outgoing. Secret wish to lead the way for others


What brings you to Vetcare?
My mum Vanessa works there and I like coming to visit all the other animals that hang out there

What is your main role in the household?
Cleaning the icky stuff from my friends faces. Looking cute and furry.


What is your favourite toy?

Who is your best friend?

What is the coolest thing that ever happened to you?
Meeting Rommel who is my big brother


What don't you like?
When Rommel leaves me or growls at me! Swimming with my life jacket

Which food will you do tricks for, what are the tricks?
I eat anything except lettuce and I just sit and look cute!


Do you have any weird medical problems or habits?
Eating poo - but is't that normal?




Hi my name is Russell,

russell_undignified.bmpalso known as Russell the Muscle, Rus the Pus, Russell no friends

Age: 1 year

Breed: Domestic short hair, neutered male, cameo cream colour

What brings you to VetCare?

My mum Vanessa works there, I come into the cattery when she goes on holiday and and was in VetCare for 6 weeks when I recovered from my run in with a car

What is your main role in the household?

My main role is to scatter biscuits throughout the house cos I shovel too much in my gob at once. Stunt cat. To annoy my older brother Klaus

What is your favourite toy?

Bruiser, Flax leaves, anything I can grab from the garden and carry into the house

Who is your best friend?

Russel_and_bruiser_sm.jpgMy best friend is Bruiser, I grew up with him and like nothing better than wrestling with him and knocking him over. When I’m in the cattery I like it when my brother Gavin turns up, he is a ruffian just like me and we have loads of fun racing around the cattery

What's the coolest thing that ever happened to you?

russel_and_bruiser_3_sm.jpgThe coolest thing was being adopted into a nice family who care for

my special needs. Surviving my car accident was a bonus

What don't you like?

Fireworks, loud banging noises like cars that back fire, empty bikky bowls

What tricks can you do?

Scooping the biggest mouthful of Bikkies and making them disappear, head lock on dogs bigger than me and then body slamming them to the ground

Have you got any unusual problems

Russel_headlock_sm.jpgRead about my major surgery I had after tussling with a car here


Boutique French Bulldog


Cookie came to us on the 23rd Dec 2011, due to his previous owners circumstances changing.
Cookie is a 2yr old Red French bulldog, he has a devoted and loving temperament which took us all to discover as the bond thru trust strengthened over time. He loves to play with his Big brother Bruiser (shih-Tzu x Pekingese) to the point where he sounds like The Hogwarts Express coming from the distance.


As a French bulldog, his selective (sic) requires a command to be repeated multiple times. Whilst staring at us blankly it is like waiting for internet dial up. He loves to smile when smothered in cuddles & kisses, often drifting into a trance like that of the mole in Fantastic Mr Fox.

Cookies favorite pastime is laying in the sun to the point his eyeballs become dry like the Sahara Dessert. He loves his food; however, we have to restrict his diet due to his skin allergies. 'GO' Salmon seems to agree with his skin and the extra wild rabbit, possum or goat meat for his boutique palette.


Cookie is not the sharpest tool in the shed and has yet to learn that his feline brothers will never appreciate being greeted like his canine brothers. However, his rabbit Dirk loves to sleep on him in winter and chase him around the garden.

Cookie is the gift that keeps on giving... you can meet him anytime at his mums work.



Brother to Bruiser, Cookie, Klaus AKA old man river, Kevin AKA Special K, Russell AKA the Russ the red neck & Terrace .


Rules DO NOT APPLY when your only 9 weeks old but we have had success in the first week of basic puppy toilet training, eating etiquette and gentle mouthing.


'Arko' the Rottweiler, his name derived from the German Elite Artillery Command. His father Alaskan & mother Australian, Arko is now a Kiwi.


Due to his potential immense size and power he will need to learn how to be gentle & as soft as a tissue. Every day, from here on in is a learning curve for him and us.


He will join Team VetCare, so feel free to meet him and have a cuddle.



Special man - Domestic Short Hair Tabby


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