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Read Maggie’s story about Bludo’s arthritis story

Bludo's Success Story - Reborn

Our beloved bearded cross dog Bludo, lost all joy in her life this time last year. She had been a very active creature, requiring two one-hour walks a day - off the lead. She would race seagulls at the beach and take off up the hills at her favourite park. But suddenly her back legs became very sore. She struggled on walks, lay down on the pavement while waiting at traffic lights and had to be lifted into the back of the car. She was in pain. We took her to our vet where she was X-ray'd.
The Result and Plan
The radiographs showed spondylosis, or degenerative arthritis in the spine. Bludo was immediately put on anti-inflammatory tablets. Two months later, we had to take her back to the vet. Bludo’s back legs were again troubling her. This time she was given six weekly injections of Cartrophen, followed by continuing monthly injections. She also had to take pain medication. We added to the mix half a teaspoon of green mussel powder daily, recommended by a dog groomer. Bludo’s health has improved enormously on the Cartrophen injections. She no longer takes pain pills and her old energy has returned.
Life of Bludo Today
Bludo is now eight years old and not quite as agile as she used to be. Bludo still loves charging around with younger dogs at the park. She will gallop around a field with a stick in her mouth like a show pony and is back chasing seagulls at the beach. We book in for monthly cartrophen injections administered by a nurse at VetCare - we expect these to continue indefinitely. Bludo is always given a very warm welcome by staff and now believes the veterinary clinic to be a very nice place indeed.
Written by: Maggie Blake

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