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Building a Pet First Aid Kit

Being prepared when an emergency happens can really help with an already stressful situation. Build a first aid kit for your pets so you don’t have to search for supplies – it may just save your pet’s life!

Bandages: Gauze, clean rags or even socks can be used as a bandage to control bleeding until you get to a vet. Try find a non-adhesive wrap to not stick to the wound or cause more damage by removing fur. In an emergency, where you need to use a splint to support a potential broken limb masking tape can be useful.

Scissors: You may need to cut tape or bandaging material, the last thing you want is to go hunting for the mysterious scissors!

Water: Re-hydrating, flushing wounds, soothing burns, soaking a paw, washing off toxins or cooling an overheating pet. Don’t forget a collapsible water bowl!

Medications: If your pet is taking regular medications you should always have these on hand.

Sterile Saline Eye Wash: This is vital if your pet has debris or smoke in their eyes. Liberally flush until the debris is gone.

Dish Washing Detergent: Remove toxins or grease from fur effectively. Always remember to rinse your pet well afterwards with water.

Treats: Depending on the emergency. They can keep them calm and distract an injured pet.

Restraints: Although we like to think our pets would never lash out, when they are hurt they can become fearful and aggressive. It is important to keep yourself safe to help them.  Have a towel/blanket or slip-leash to wrap them up and prevent accidental bites.

Contact Card: Have our contact details as well as after-hours vet clinic, poison helpline is also invaluable to have on hand. Keep this along with your pets microchip and registration details.



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