Planning on moving overseas with your pet?

The thought of moving overseas with/without your pet can be very daunting as your pets comfort and health needs close attention.  International travel for our pets has changed a lot in recent years and the process has made it safer and easier for our pets to be relocated.  We see many pets come through our clinic to ...

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Spring Safety Tips For Pets

 Finally, spring is here, bringing warmer weather and longer evenings to enjoy with your pet! As a vet clinic we get very busy helping pet owners who have encountered an unexpected spring hazard. Here’s 10 tips on how to let your pet enjoy spring safely. 1. FLEAS Routine treatment for fleas throughout the year will ...

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How to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

The Pet Carbon Pawprint Creating a sustainable, plastic free New Zealand has been a hot topic recently. Did you know that our beloved pets have a surprisingly high carbon footprint?  Owning a dog, has an average annual carbon footprint comparable to running two SUV cars for one year. Having a feline friend in our lives ...

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Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

It isn’t uncommon to see your feline friend in the yard nibbling on fresh grass. Good news is there really isn’t anything to worry about. Some experts even suggest that it can actually be beneficial for your cat. Do they want to vomit?  Cats are meat eaters, so when they eat grass they lack the ...

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Building a Pet First Aid Kit

Being prepared when an emergency happens can really help with an already stressful situation. Build a first aid kit for your pets so you don’t have to search for supplies – it may just save your pet’s life! Bandages: Gauze, clean rags or even socks can be used as a bandage to control bleeding until you ...

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Emergency Cesarean

VetCare had the pleasure of meeting Odie recently. Odie is a Miniature Schnauzer came in heavily pregnant, and she was overdue by 6 days. Odie had an ultrasound that morning at Veterinary Specialists Auckland, where it was estimated that there were five puppies, and recommended an emergency cesarean. The team of Vet Nurses and Dr ...

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Alex’s Costa Rica Trip: The Science of Cats

For the second year running I was privileged to be invited to the Purina Institute’s Companion Animal Nutrition Summit. This year the big show was hosted in Costa Rica and focused on Nutritional Therapy of Feline Illness. I jumped at the chance knowing the tropical heat would help me focus and learn. I was right ...

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Dog & Grog

VetCare brings you Dog & Grog! Enjoy a pint with your canine at Pocket Bar & Kitchen. Dog & Grog is all about bringing the dog community together, no matter what shape or size! We know how to pawty. VetCare staff will be there to help you out with any pet related questions, giving out ...

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Dental Month Deals


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What is in my bowl?

Is your pet’s bowl helping them to live better for longer? Diet is the biggest thing we can control as owners; so why not ensure we are providing them with the nutrition they need. Everyday their bowl of food can help prevent various conditions and diseases. It doesn’t need to be expensive, and in reality ...

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PawClub Rewards with

For every $300 you spend at VetCare you will be emailed a $15 voucher.

Join our new and improved PawPack loyalty programme, powered by Goody and be rewarded! If you have not taken advantage of this great system and visit VetCare regularly for food, flea products or treatment for your pet then just ask our friendly reception staff for details and join the pack.