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Emergency Cesarean

VetCare had the pleasure of meeting Odie recently. Odie is a Miniature Schnauzer came in heavily pregnant, and she was overdue by 6 days. Odie had an ultrasound that morning at Veterinary Specialists Auckland, where it was estimated that there were five puppies, and recommended an emergency cesarean. The team of Vet Nurses and Dr Alex Melrose immediately took Odie into surgery to perform an emergency cesarean.

Emergency cesareans require a lot of hands on deck. Once removed from the womb it takes intensive medical and nursing attention for one puppy to survive. The risk that puppies aren't viable increases significantly in overdue pregnancies. Luckily, we had a full team of experienced nurses and vets on who all jumped in to assist.

After twenty-five minutes of surgery, we ended up with ten puppies instead of the expected five! All of them were successfully delivered and stable; and received caring and skilled intensive nursing for the next eight hours.

This was the largest and most successful litter that has been delivered by an emergency cesarean by Dr Alex Melrose. Odie was a beautiful, calm mum who recovered well. After a few days of being in VetCare and the Animal Emergency Centre's care, Odie and her puppies were able to go home. The little family won't be forgotten soon by any of us, and we wish them all the best!


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