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Kennel Cough Season Is Here

Recently we have been having an increase of dogs coming in with Kennel Cough. The warmer weather, boost of dogs socializing in public areas we find it is very common to see this happen around this time of the year.
🐶 What is Kennel Cough?
Kennel cough is a a term that is used to describe most upper respiratory tract infections in dogs . Although the term itself is a little misleading. Dogs can pick up 'kennel' cough from many places other than the kennels just like you or I picking up the flu/cold walking down the street, especially in highly congested areas.
🐶 Symptoms
Clinical signs of an upper respiratory tract infection may include...
         🐶 Dry hacking cough sometimes followed by retching and vomiting up frothy like bile liquid.
         🐶 Watery nasal discharge
         🐶 Sneezing
In more severe cases...
         🐶 Lethargy
         🐶 Loss of appetite
         🐶 Depression
In mild cases dogs tend to still be bright alert and active and may still just have a cough.
🐶 Treatment
Prevention is always better than treatment. But while there is a vaccine available for Kennel Cough, it is not 100% full proof. Like you or I getting the Flu injection it doesn't mean that we will not get sick, rather lessen the effects of the disease. It is still important for you canine to get this vaccine even if he/she doesn't frequent boarding facilities.
If your dog is otherwise happy and bright antibiotics are not typically used and the vet may just let the 'cold' run its course and may offer a cough suppressant. In more complicated cases the vet may intervene with antibiotics and other options may be presented case dependent.

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