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A sting in the tail

Our cats and dogs often can’t resist running and chasing all manner of insects. Great fun… unless of course that insect has a sting in its tail.

At our VetCare clinic we have seen lots of bee and wasp stings this year, with results ranging from sore paws to full anaphylactic shock!!

Stings from bees and wasps are poisonous, it is the poison that creates the pain when it is injected.  Most of the time a single sting will just result in localised pain, however some situations can be much more serious and should trigger an immediate trip to the vet.

These include;
  • Multiple stings 
  • Stings around or in the mouth, throat and face which can lead to the airway becoming blocked.
  • Stings on dogs’ sensitive noses which can be particularly painful
And/ or:
Signs of allergic reactions
  • Difficulty with breathing
  • Sudden swelling extending away from the sting site
  • General weakness and sudden lethargy
  • Pale or white gums
  • Agitation and restlessness

If your dog or cat shows any of these signs, PLEASE SEEK VETERINARY HELP IMMEDIATELY.  If you are in any doubt please head on into the vet rather than wait to see if the symptoms will resolve.

We are able to administer injections of antihistamines, steroids and pain medications, to help your pet through the initial shock.  The sooner we can start treatment the better.

In the case of a simple sting where the animal is not exhibiting the above signs or has not been stung around the face;
  • If the sting is still in the animal try to carefully remove it, do this by scraping it off with a fingernail or a stiff piece of plastic.  Tweezers can end up squeezing more venom into the animal, so try to avoid these where possible.
  • You can apply an icepack wrapped in tea-towels.
  • Monitor your pet closely to make sure they don’t develop any symptoms.  If localised swelling does not reduce in 12-24 hours please bring your animal to the clinic. 

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