Cat Hotel

While you are on your vacation, kitty can have a stay-cation and enjoy the luxurious, stress-free surrounds of our cat hotel that all cats command.

Luxury Accomodation

Cat Hotel Check in

After check in your feline friend will receive a nose to tail check with one of our gentle vet nurses, a manicure and pedicure and an optional flea or worm treatment.  Kitty can then take time relaxing in individual rooms fitted with a cat hammock, lush bed, private lavatory and tuck into our premium cat cuisine – or kitty’s favourite food from home.

We cater to all cats individual medical and dietary requirements, and provide premium and prescription cat foods. Hammocks, climbing towers, window views, fish tank and private igloos, whatever your kitty’s heart desires we have it.

During the stay-cation we take extra care to ensure our guests are happy and healthy. Kitty’s eating, drinking and toileting activities will be monitored by vet nurses twice daily.

There’s More

If your kitty want’s to stay for a longer period, we have discounted the rates. With the option of larger cages, your best buddies can opt to share a room. All treatments (dental cleans, etc) during their holiday receive 10% discount rate and you can feel relaxed to know they are recovering in safe hands.

Special Requirements?

For our feline kings or queens who may need that extra little bit of help with medication or special dietary requirements, our super experienced team of nurses and vets are on hand to help. Personalized attention is our expertise.

Days of Our Nine Lives

Prepare to be jealous of your kitty’s stay-cation with our weekly “Days of Our Nine Lives” Facebook posts and Instagram story. Feeling really pet-sick? Flick us an email and we try our hardest to reply with an update on how kitty is going.


Call us or book online to check your cat in for its stay-cation.
Our Cat Hotel tends to be booked well in advance for the public holiday periods. If you are looking for accommodation over these periods, please contact us as early as possible!

The Check-in at the Cat Hotel

Online Booking for the Cat Hotel


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