Rabbit Club

Rabbits are compassionate companions
that are great fun but they also need a lot of care.
That’s why we have our Rabbit Club!

What is it?

Get up to 50% in savings and keep your bunny happy and healthy with our annual subscription that helps pay for:

  • Skin and Coat Parasite Checks
  • Internal Parasite Check
  • Unlimited Nail Trims
  • Routine Dental Checks
  • Consultations with our bunny savvy nurse


Hop to it & Join the Rabbit Club


PawClub Rewards with

For every $300 you spend at VetCare you will be emailed a $15 voucher.

Join our new and improved PawPack loyalty programme, powered by Goody and be rewarded! If you have not taken advantage of this great system and visit VetCare regularly for food, flea products or treatment for your pet then just ask our friendly reception staff for details and join the pack.