Posted: March 28, 2019Category: Uncategorized

Snuffles or Something Stuck?

Hammer the handsome Burmese came in today because he’d been sneezing frequently since the weekend. There was a little bit of blood around one nostril, and his nose was clearly bothering him!

Vicki suspected a foreign body in his nose or throat and admitted him for a more thorough examination under sedation. Luckily for Hammer, Layla the nurse spotted the offender peeping out of his nostril when she was preparing Hammer for his catheter.

Look at the length of the blade of grass we found! And all of that was inside his nose; with only the tip poking out.

Great team effort and a fantastic reminder of the weird and wonderful things we can find in our pets! The worst offenders are grass seeds, but sticks and blades of grass can cause issues too.

If you ever have any concerns of something stuck where it shouldn’t be; always ring your vet to get it checked out ☺️


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