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Top Ten Tips To Keep Your Pets Happy During the Fireworks Season

With Guy Fawkes rapidly approaching it is important to prepare early to reduce the stressful experience of fireworks and pets. This time of the year can be very distressing and owners can similarly suffer, observing their pet's fear, property destruction, soiling or running away. 

  1. Keep your pets inside, in a confined, dark hiding den
  2. Check their microchip details are correct
  3. Walk your dog in the morning before the fireworks start in the evening
  4. Close the house up (windows, doors, cat flaps) to avoid them escaping and to reduce the noise
  5. DO NOT punish your pet! This will make your pet more distressed
  6. Try not to leave them alone when the fireworks are going off
  7. Training is really important - start "sit" and "down" with rewards, next step is introduce desensitizing noises of fireworks while achieving those commands following with a reward
  8. Chew toys, food-filled Kongs or chew toys are great for these times
  9. Adaptil & Feliway are naturally releasing calming pheromones which some pets respond very well to
  10. Seek veterinary assistance if your pet is really struggling with this problem

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