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Violets Journey

Day One

Violet, a 3 year old mastiff cross arrived at VetCare at the beginning of March. She had been found by one of our client in a terrible state due to neglect. Luckily our client decided to take her under their wing. Dr Alex heard about Violet’s condition and got her to come straight into the clinic. Her neglect had resulted in extremely poor body condition and malnourishment. She had gastrointestinal issues due to poor diet. The chronic skin conditions were so severe that she had lost most of her fur around her body. Violet was self mutilating herself due to being so itchy, causing her skin to bleed which introduced an infection which became systemic. Apart from her poor physical condition, underweight at 20kg, her mental state was amazing she was bright, loving and calm.

Plan: Dr Alex put her on his special fish & potato diet from Ultra, started antibiotics due to her infection, injected her with cytopoint a long-term treatment for allergic dermatitis, treated for flea and worm and to return in two weeks.


Day Fifteen

Violet returned two weeks after Dr Alex had met her and was shocked. Violet was even more affectionate but she seemed at ease. Her body condition had improved, causing a healthy muscle gain and her gastrointestinal upsets had stopped completely. Her itch’s had stopped, she even had fur growing back! Overall, we were amazed with the progress.

Two Months Later...

Violet has blown us away with her progress! Weighing 27kg, with an almost ideal body condition as she is still getting her muscle mass back. Skin and coat condition is excellent thanks to our ditch the itch injections, parasite control and Dr Alex special fish and potato biscuits from Ultra.

To top it off, her rescuer's family has fallen so in love with her that they couldn't resist adopting her.




















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