Your Westmere Vet Service

VetCare Grey Lynn has been helping Auckland pets stay healthy with the highest level of medical and surgical veterinary care. Call us for free advice about the health of your cat or dog. If need be, we can make an appointment.

If you have a pet, you want easy access to a good veterinarian. Vetcare have been serving Grey Lynn, Westmere Vet, Kingsland, Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Mt. Albert, the Central City and their surrounding suburbs. Our vet clinic is lead by Dr Alex Melrose who will provide your beloved pets with the highest level of medical and surgical veterinary care.

We offer comprehensive veterinary services for dogs, cats and small mammals, including but not limited to routine checks ups, vaccinations, microchipping, diagnostics and surgery.

We love puppies (who doesn’t) and have our own puppy training school. If you just have a questions, we are happy to give you advice over the phone or via email, but would always encourage you to bring your pet in for an annual general check-up. This is when we weigh your pet, check their sight and hearing, make sure they don’t have fleas and ensure that everything is working according to plan.

If your pet need immediate attention we always prioritise emergency patients, or for more routine care we can make an appointment for you with our experienced, caring vets. Also many common questions about your pets health pet health are answered in our Blogs and articles section.

Thank-you for taking the time to visit our website and we look forward to meeting you, your pets and helping your pets live happy and healthy lives!

Some great features of our clinics include;


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Join our new and improved PawPack loyalty programme, powered by Goody and be rewarded! If you have not taken advantage of this great system and visit VetCare regularly for food, flea products or treatment for your pet then just ask our friendly reception staff for details and join the pack.