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What is in my bowl?

Is your pet's bowl helping them to live better for longer? Diet is the biggest thing we can control as owners; so why not ensure we are providing them with the nutrition they need. Everyday their bowl of food can help prevent various conditions and diseases. It doesn't need to be expensive, and in reality if your pet has a better diet they will less likely need to come in for those vet visits.

VetCare provide specific diets for certain conditions as well as exceptional maintenance options for just the average cat or dog. We share an open mind when it comes to diets and have nurses that specialize in nutrition. Here at VetCare we have a saying... 5 Plus a day keeps the Vet away!

What needs to be in my bowl?

This is when the 5+ a day keeps the vet away comes in!
1. Proteins: High quality meats such as chicken, duck, egg and fish helps your pet have strong muscles, healthy skin & coat from the essential amino acids and is a good source of energy.
2. Carbohydrates: Vegetables and rice provide slow releasing energy and the fibre improves the digestive tract flora.
3. Lipids (Fats): There are such thing as good fats! Certain meats, fish and oils improve joint & bone health and skin & coat.
4. Vitamins: Vitamins help the chemical reactions within the body and can improve everything from the coat to organ function.
5. Minerals: These help the whole body's function including bones structure & regulating body fluids.

If you need to supplement your pet's diet, you are not feeding them a balanced diet - this can lead to over supplementation which is dangerous.

Is supermarket Food Perception really as cheap as you think?

Supermarket foods are perceived as often being a cheaper option, but in reality can go either way. There can be good products or they can contain empty ingredients. The ingredient list on pet food gives ingredients based on weight (the first listed ingredient is the bulk of the food and the last ingredient is only tine amounts) Check if the ingredients read as "meat", "meat-by products", "cereals", "cereal-by products", "vegetable proteins" without actually stating the source. How much you have to feed your pet and how much comes out the other end is a result of the quality. Less quality leads to feeding more = purchasing more food.


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